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A Little About Me....


Like more than 60% of Arizonans, my husband, Tom, and I adopted Arizona as our home.  Six years ago an excellent job opportunity brought us West so...Go West! we did.  Since then, we've embraced Scottsdale as our home and Scottsdale Unified School District as our school community.  Our two kids attend SUSD schools and have done so for more of their education than any other school experience.

Tom and I are both products of public education, an education that prepared us for our next steps. We both credit our dedicated professional teachers and a supportive community for their commitment to quality public education.

My unequivocal support of public education solidified out of my own experiences growing up in rural Indiana.  My family and so many other families in our community were tied economically to the ebbs and flows of the auto-manufacturing industry that, for a period of time, offered financial insulation from the fickleness of feeding a family through farming your own land. 

To cut to the chase, that financial insulation wasn't always there.  When that happened, our family had to rely on social safety nets to eat.  For a time, I was one of the students in the free/reduced lunch program, and my family ate because my dad stood in food lines.  

I know the impact socioeconomic factors have on your student's education, because I lived it. 

I know the importance of dedicated teachers who see a student that due to circumstances beyond her/his control feels unseen, because I lived it.  

I also know that a quality public education CAN poise all students to succeed, because I lived it. 

Times are indeed challenging, but I see just as many opportunities for our students.  I'm ready to seize those opportunities for our kids, for our teachers and for our extended SUSD community!




  • chemistry department faculty at Glendale Community College
  • Assistant Vice President of Research at Purdue University
  • Vice President, Office of Technology Commercialization at Purdue Research Foundation
  • Assistant Director, Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship, Purdue University
  • Executive Director, Commercial Ventures & Intellectual Property at University of Maryland, Baltimore

Thought Leader

  • Testified as expert witness before U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Research and Technology
  • Senior congressional fellow in U.S. House of Representatives, then-ranking member of Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health
  • Research associate for The National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science, Engineering & Public Policy


  • Senior leadership in technology commercialization at Purdue Research Foundation
  • Senior leadership in intellectual property management at University of Maryland, Baltimore
  • Intellectual property manager of Middle Atlantic Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • Co-inventor on U.S. 7,238,514

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